Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my password?

You can navigate to this website to help you reset your password

How do I change my email address?

You can navigate to this website to help you change your email address

I forgot my username?

You can navigate to this website to help you get your username sent to your email

Why don't I see anyone?

You may be the first in your area to be using ProxieChat. To have better results you will need to set your proximity setting to a greater distance.

What happens if I set the proximity to unlimited?

You will see every post from everyone everywhere. It will be ordered from newest post to oldest post.

What is a Tagger?

A Tagger is the person that's posting a message.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is the process of leaving a new message. The term tagging was borrowed from the graffiti artists who would often tag buildings or bridges with spray paint.
It is the equivalent of tweeting or posting to your timeline.

Can I follow someone?

You have the ability to filter everyone else except for specific individuals. You can do this with a filtered list.

If I choose to filter someone will they know they're being filtered?

No, filtering is something that happens on your end and they have no idea who's filtering what content.

Can I delete other people's messages?

You cannot delete someone else's content. You can choose to ignore that individual and you will no longer see any messages that individual posts.

Will people know that I ignored them?

No, this is something that is happening on your end. You are removing their posts without them ever knowing it's being filtered off your phone.

Can I delete previous posts that I've made?

Yes, by swiping across the post you will see a delete button appear.

Can I set permissions to only allow certain people to see my posts?

Everything that's tagged in the public timeline is viewable to anyone in the public. If you would like to pass a message to someone in private you will want to send a direct message instead of posting on the public timeline.

Will I see ads?

No, we are not pushing any ads like the other social network mobile apps.