Chat with local people on ProxieChat

Chat with friends on ProxieChat

Did you ever want to chat with people nearby or maybe do some random chat? With ProxieChat you can find friends online or chat with with people around you. You can chat with friends or chat with random people. The ProxieChat application allows you to chat with your phone for free.

In today's world there are many different social networking options available. ProxieChat is taking a different approach when thinking about social networking. Most social networking sites are more interested in who is following me or who's reading my timeline and less interested in who is currently around me.

ProxieChat is like pictochat and a perfect option if you want to Chat with friends or talk to people at conferences, concerts, restaurants, bars or chat with your neighbors. The nice thing is they don't have to be your friend or start following you like on other networks. ProxieChat places messages at your specific location and anyone in the area who is interested will be able to see your message. As you travel around new messages will appear and other messages will disappear.